Event 2

Citizen's participation and social innovation in green urban spaces

2017, May 8 – 12 | Barcelona, Spain

Target: environmental officers, landscape designers, green spaces professionals and students.

Organizer: Eco-Union

Nº of participants: 35

Languages : English

Local partners: City hall of Barcelona, Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona

Academic partners: BCNJ Lab –ICTA (UAB), IGOP (UAB) and Pla Estel.

Training criteria

  • Critical thinking: theory and approaches, Interdisciplinary trainers.
  • Planning training oriented: diagnosis techniques and design solutions
  • Strength global vision Local: relevant and diverse case studies; it should be reinforced to understand a particular urban reality.
  • Approach place making: Field case study as training session accompanied by academics and experts.
  • Solution building: Working group sessions to approach multidisciplinary solution building.

EVENt Program

Monday 8 | The Commons and Participative Democracy

The first day training focuses on citizen’s participation approaches, social innovation and participative governance. This session is designed and delivered by the IGOP (Public Governance Institute, Barcelona Autonomous University).

09h00 –10h00 | Welcome & Course Introduction (Alejandro González, Eco-Union)

  • Overview of the program
  • Presentation of organizers and participants
  • Presentation of the objectives, agenda and methodology of the training
  • Open discussion on expectations and experiences of participants

10h30 – 13h00 | Participative Governance & Social innovation (Dr. Marc Pares, IGOP)

  • Participative democracy
  • Social innovation
  • Mapping and engaging social stakeholders

13h00 – 14h00 | lunch  

14h00 – 16h00 | The Commons: participative approaches in green urban spaces (IGOP)  

  • The commons and urban public spaces.
  • Citizen’s participation approaches (Top-down/BottomUp).
  • Presentation case studies from different cities.

16h00 – 18h00 | Technical Visit : Espais Buits – Espai Les Germanetes




Tuesday 9 | Green Urban Policies and socio-environmental issues

Basic concepts and approaches on green urban spaces and socio-environmental issues (ege. Green gentrification, inequalities, place making) and presentation of Barcelona case studies. Activity design and delivered by ICTA (Environmental Science & Technology Institute, Barcelona Autonomous University).

9h30 – 13h00 | Green Urban Space: Approaches, issues and Barcelona Case Studies (Dr. Isabelle Anguelovski, ICTA)  

  • Green planning and policies in cities
  • Socio-environmental conflicts
  • Assessing social-environmental issues

13h00 14h00 | Lunch  

14h00 – 16h00 | Technical Visit: Jardins de la Rambla de Sants (Sants Montjuic District)



Jardins de la Rambla de Sants

Wenesday 10 | Socio-Spatial Diagnosis – Teamwork

Focus on socio-environmental diagnosis in the planning and management of green urban spaces. Barcelona Superblock project will be presented by the Barcelona Ecology Agency. This case study will be used for the teamwork session. The session will be delivered by the Urban Ecology Agency, Eco-Union, and by professional architect and Sociologist (Pla Estel).

09h00 – 11h00 | Case Study and Group Building

  • Presentation Case Study for teamwork (by Barcelona Urban Ecology Agency) – Superblock
  • Define work areas, challenges and make groups by specialization

11h30 – 13h00 | Socio Spatial Workshop

How to approach the public space diagnosis: Social perception analysis and information gathering.

  • Define diagnosis structure (diagnosis is already given, so the group can advance)
  • Applied strategic diagnosis, share with groups and feedback group diagnosis.
  • User vision: how to approach case study (social layers: emotions, sensivity, etc.)

13h00 – 14h00 | Lunch

14h00 16h00 | Technical Visit – Superilla Poble Nou (Sant Martí District)




Road hierarchy in a Superblock model

Thursday 11 | Place Making – Teamwork

Focus on citizen’s participation processes in the planning and management of green urban spaces. The session will be designed and delivered by Pla Estel, an independent organization specialized in participative urbanism, with the support of eco-union for the teamwork activities.

9h00 13h00 | Workshop: Inclusive design of green public spaces

Design for Top Down / Bottom-Up (Human center design)

  • Participative processes in urban public spaces
  • Designing for Top Down / Bottom-up (Human centre design)
  • Teamwork

 14h00 – 17h00 | Technical Visit: Can Masdeu  



Can Masdeu

Friday 12 | Presentations and closing

Recap of all the learnings from previous days and presentation of the work groups.

10h00 – 11h00 | Preparation presentations

11h00 – 12h00 | Presentation of the group projects (60’)

12h00 13h00 | Sharing experiences & Training Diplomas


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