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 Adivet : Association des toitures et façades végétales

Adivet: toitures et façades végétales

Adivet is a French association for greenroofs and plant facades, which brings together the key players in the green roofing industry: manufacturers of components and systems, building and landscape contractors, professional associations, project managers and building owners, training and research, design office…


LAAT : L'Agence Actions Territoires

LAAT: L’Agence Actions Territoires

Programmist, architecture and town planning agency, with a multidisciplinary team for the rehabilitation and construction of functional, economic and sustainable buildings.



Datcha : Design Architecture Territoires Chantiers

Datcha: Design Architecture Territoires Chantiers

Their work is about architectural project management, diagnosis and control in the areas of accessibility, urban studies.


Ecologistes de l'Euzière

Ecologistes de l’Euzière

Les Ecologistes de l’Euzière is an association for scientific mediation, around the values ​​of environmental education, and expertise in the field of Mediterranean nature and landscapes, in the service of land-use planning projects.


La fédération des entreprises d'insertion occitanie

La fédération des entreprises d’insertion occitanie

Inserted in the social and solidarity economy, social integration enterprises carry out an economic model with a social purpose that combines paid work, accompaniment and skills acquisition in order to promote access to sustainable employment for people in social and occupational difficulties. Recycling, cleaning, temporary work, transport, building and public works, green areas, catering…


Hortis : les responsables d'espaces nature en ville

Hortis: The managers of green spaces in the city

National network of professionals involves in the green and natural spaces open to the public or in the environment, in the management of sites or equipment, creation, design, teaching or dissemination of values.


La Région Occitanie

La Région Occitanie

The regions of Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées form a single Region since the 1st of January 2016. Harmonization of regional policies is under way. During this transitional period, the following arrangements relates to the departments of the former Midi-Pyrénées region.


UNEP : Les entreprises du paysage

UNEP : L’Union Nationale des Entreprises du Paysage.

Through its 13 regional unions (12 in metropolitan France and 1 overseas), UNEP defends the interests of companies in the landscape and gardens sector, develops the social standards of the profession and guides the creation of professional rules of the profession.


VERPOPA : Verger Potager Partagé

VerPoPa: Verger Potager Partagé

A shared vegetable orchard, preserved in its natural state in the park of Malbosc in Montpellier, with the ambition to create a link between citizens, in a collective and experimental spirit to enhance biodiversity in urban areas.


Ville de Nantes

SEVE: Service des Espaces Verts et de l’Environnement de la Mairie de Nantes

The SEVE manages the maintenance of collective gardens in Nantes on a daily basis. It proposes a set of actions to preserve the environment and develop urban biodiversity. The SEVE also supports garden projects in neighborhoods. In partnership with the local associations, the SEVE leads the reflection with the future users of the site and conducts the consultation with the local residents of the project. Finally, it proposes the layout of the site according to the needs expressed.


Ville de Narbonne

Ville de Narbonne

Narbonne, Narbona [narbunɔ] in Occitan, is a French commune located in the department of Aude, Occitania region. The commune is crossed by the Robine Canal, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1996.


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